Professional Glass Services

Shower Enclosures                                                        Foggy Insulated Windows                                                                                                           

Have the perfect shower in mind? Call us to build your shower. Choose from a wide variety of glass textures, colors, and hardware as well as the shape and style. We can bring your ideas to life or guide you through the process of choosing which shower system would best fit your space and budget. We also can replace or update any existing hardware on your current shower system.

All of our hardware is supplied by CRL who offers the highest quality hardware. All fixtures are solid brass!

Our systems are backed with a lifetime leakage warranty and a one (1) year service warranty for adjustments. 

*We can replace just the glass.*

 if your window has fogged over (even the slightest bit), there is no longer a seal and therefore your insulation value is severely reduced.

-Average savings on replacing just the IG vs. full window replacement is over 50%. Many windows aren't "stock" sizes, but custom sizes, which would cost even more for full replacement vs. replacing only the glass. 

Glass Partition Walls

Add some color to your home or office.

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